Distant Healing

An exact price will be quoted and agreed with each client after an intial consultation, and before any treatment is commenced or booking made, there will no ‘Hidden extra’s.

Your First Session and Consultation

To ascertain details of your medical history and your current wellbeing.

Suggested Number of Treatments,

Needed will vary from person to person and will depend on the nature of the condition, and whether it is acute or chronic. Also the individuals willingness to make changes in their life-style, should this be considered necessary.

Generally you should anticipate at least Three treatments for benefits to become apparent, and most people should notice significant improvement after 5 10 sessions.

Step One:

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Distant Healing for self

Distant Healing and Gift

Deep Rooted Healing

When you have booked your Reiki healing for your friend or family. We will send a beautiful card with your inscription and instructions on how to received their Reiki and information on Reiki.