Receiving Reiki

Receiving Reiki treatment is a very simple, non intrusive and an extremely powerful process. A treatment session lasts between 1 to 1 1/2 hour, however specific areas can be treated in 20 30 minutes. It is usually done with the recipient sitting in a chair or lying down, fully clothed and covered with a blanket, on a massage table or a bed, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Your reiki healer acts as a channel for greater energy to move through. The therapist gently places her or his hands in various positions over your body enabling you to draw and receive the appropriate level of healing energy where it is needed the most for your own individual and unique healing process.

This pure healing energy goes right to the source of your imbalance and not just to the manifesting symptons, and works to restore balance to your body.

The positions are held for several minutes. There is no pressure, making it ideal for treating the very young and the elderly, pregnant women and those recovering from surgery.

Most often the whole body is treated, not just an isolated area, although a little Reiki is better than none if time is short. Treatment can also take form of absent or distant healing.

During your treatment as the energy comes into balance and stress and tensions are released you may experience:

  • Deep sense of relaxation
  • Pleasant sensation of warmth
  • Gentle tingling
  • Memory flashes
  • Feelings of protection
  • Seeing colours
  • A feeling of wellbeing & tranquillity
  • Sense of clarity & wisdom
  • Visualising images
  • Falling asleep
  • Physical lightness

Treatment Aftercare

It is suggested that you drink plenty of water after your healing and the following day, as reiki cleanses and detoxifies the body and drinking water helps to eliminate the toxins released from your body.


Reiki is a natural complimentary therpary which works effectively alongside accepted conventional medicine, practioners or natural remedies.