More about us

I discovered reiki following a near death experience. This was a turning point in my life. I chose to take this opportunity to face and heal my deep rooted issues which I felt where holding me back in life. During this time I was also physically in a great of pain from a car crash. I felt my renewal and recovery would be enhanced by treated myself holistically, on all of my levels body, mind and spirit. I discovered the complimentary healing, reiki!

My love affair with reiki was immediate. After receiving my first treatment, my sense of wellbeing improved. New feelings came to light, I was empowered, positive, a new sense of direction and purpose flowed through me. As my confidence grew, my confusion over “life’s hurdles” disappeared. I felt the experience had given me more focus, clarity, direction and an invisible strength and mental and emotional ability to resolve my issues on all levels. Miraculously it also gave me physical comfort for my pain, reducing my consumption of pain relief.

After much travelling and succeeding in my professional life I felt it was time for new dimension to be added to my life. I looked at my life, and took stock of my values and purpose. I was divinely inspired to take another route, so I made the decision and became a reiki healer in 2002, and I heal myself daily. Reiki to me, is such an incredible gift and I am forever grateful for it’s discovery.

It is a privilege to be able to give people reiki, and watch them respond by taking responsibility for their lives and transform themselves by resolving their challenges. Healing themselves from the inside out, feeling better within themselves, creatively harnessing the energy they have within, making positive changes, achieving and living their truest dreams and fullest potential. Everyone is special and has a purpose!

I hope you too, take this opportunity to live the reiki experience.